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hello people, i've MOVED(:


at the top of the page xD

- more MSFs !! :D:D 
- 187!!! :D
- 109 (:
- dazzleglass!

- Flat Top Brush on its way!:D

- UDPP (:
- a better mascara
SIGMA Complete brush set + brush roll !!! ):

saleee :)

Please help to clear! :D
No trades! 
Prices are inclusive of normal mail only. 
For registered mail, please add $2.25 to the price stated :)

personal fb: (15+/0-)

MAC AND MORE :DCollapse )

weekend sale:)

Selling! (:
Really need the cash. ):
Prices include normal postage. For registered mail, please add $2.24.
Really strapped for cash, please help to clearrrr! :D
Prices are slightly negotiable, try me! (:
POSB/DBS transfers only.
personal fb: [8+/0-]
mua fb: [1+/0-]

mac, TBS, TFS, etc! click!Collapse )



Victoria's Secret Tinted Lip Balm - Love (rich pink) (1st from top) 
Used lightly 3x.
Retails for $7usd excluding shipping. Selling for $8.50 mailed

The Face Shop Fruit Garden Hand Lotion - Peach & Pomegranate (70ml)
Used 2-3x, tube still full. Selling for $10 mailed

Description from TFS website:
Take care of your hands like you take care of your face. This Lightweight fast-absorbing hand lotion touches 5 of human senses with its mouthwatering fruit scent soft texture and cute packaging. * Portable light enough to carry around.
Camelia oil is excellent for skin regeneration and firming. It is deal for hands that lack elasticity.

curious BRITNEY SPEARS™ Deliciously Whipped! Body Soufflé

Deliciously Whipped! A creamy body soufflé that leaves skin sleek and deliciously scented.

Tried on hand once.
Retails for $24usd at Elizabeth Arden. Selling for $30 mailed.

L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake - 125ml
Sprayed 2x. Authentic, bought at the airport.
Retails for about $100. Selling for $70 mailed, or $66 with meetup. (fragile!)

Esprit Horizon Mini Perfume - 15ml
Sprayed once, no box.
Retails on Ebay for $20usd without shipping, selling for $18 mailed.

*prices slightly negotiable, try me (:

If interested please leave a comment or mail me at x.beanie07@gmail.com ! :D


ordered a tinted lipglass in dreamy from a mac spree quite a few days back, and JUST ordered a powder blush in harmony for contour! plus bought 2 tricolor lipglasses from sgbeauty, ahhhhhhhh :D

i love mac :D

if i could i would buy everything on their shelves, but unfortunately im not rich enough. so we'll settle for a bit of that, and slowly work towards my huge ambition!!:D:D:D:D

i am a happy girl.

(i also want the blot powder and msf, and THE BRUSHES, but i'll be starving to death for months if i got them, darn)

EDM Blush Haul


havent been around here lately / posting up any reviews of sorts.. havent been free to really try them out, so just a short update okay!

so anyway, after a episode of frenzy and confusion, my EDM blushes are finally here :D

got my EDM blushes from a spree in

- Walkee Talkee

A berry pink shade with a kiss of peach. It twinkles softly with fine flecks of silver, imparting a rosy sheen to light up your complexion. Compliments all colours of skin and makeup beautifully & looks gorgeous on cheeks, lips, and eyes. -by Mikella

-Soft Touch

Always soft and sweet, Soft Touch blush is a creamy matte pink shade with incredibly buildable coverage that also makes a charming eyeshadow. Even the fairest of complexions look radiant and healthy in this soft shade. By Danielle

- Nick Nack

Sweet and innocent, Nick Nack is a neutral pink with a matte finish that lends a soft, youthful glow to cheeks. Perfect for creating a natural look, it can even be layered over darker shades to add dimension, making “everyday” extraordinary. By Linda

(: havent tried them yet! probably when i can walk and get out of the house normally. hahah.

These are still on their way to me :D

- Apple

Apple is a stunning matte rosy pink shade, with a delightful autumn apple undertone, which applies beautifully for everyday elegance. By Nina

- All Smiles (free sample, since i was one of the first few with paid orders :D)

Matte yet radiant, this rosy peach blush deepens to coral at the warmth of your skin. For a sassy touch, use as a lip color. Women of every skintone will be all smiles when they see the subtle boost to their natural glow. -by Nadia

heard that all smiles is reallyyyyyyy pigmented. o_o hmm. anyway apple and all smiles have reached sg already, guess the organiser will be sending them to me soon (: yay.

Getting the following bases from EDM in a spree as well!

- Buff-Light Neutral in semi-matte

If you have a fair to medium complexion and your undertone is not exactly red or yellow, Buff-Light Neutral is perfect for you! Use this in the summer if Fairly Light Neutral is your color without a summer tan! -by Helen

- Golden-Winged Butter in Original Glo, sample sized

Ideal for those with light golden complexions. Whilst giving perfect coverage, its strong, rich yellow tones impart a beautiful glow, leaving your skin looking creamy and smooth - just like butter! -by Sue

Hopefully they match my skin color! i use MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation as a base (: i like it !! super. 

and MCC has finally updated with the promised surprise all the way across the globe! Am SO tempted to get the brush arghhhh but im kinda broke, plus i bought a brush set from her the other time!

ITS SO DARN PRETTY !! if you're interested, i think she still has slots for her instock ones, or if you missed it i guess you can get it from her preorder for abit more! Here's the link (: http://myclassycloset.blogspot.com/

rarhh. hope the stuff arrive soon! :D plus need some thoughts and recommendations on MAC lip stuff! :D would really appreciate all suggestions and reviews! do leave a comment (on anything at all) alright! 

till next time,

where is it ):

 where are my edm blushes ):
arghhh i really hope they're not lost forever in singpost! ):
ahhhhhhhhhhhh i want my edm blushes now! its like 3 full sized ones and ive been so excited about getting it in the mail, and now its like lost or something since its been a week since the spree organiser mailed out my stuff. )))):
pray for me!
(anyone encountered this before? ): )

EDIT: SINGPOST FOUND MY BLUSHES OMG<333333 whoooooooo hairpeenest (:
p.s. i twisted my ankle ): am limping like idontknowhat ):

Flash Over Diet Spree #1 [CANCELLED]

Flash Over Diet Supplement!  SPREE CANCELLED.

Am personally interested in this, thus the spree. Getting 2 boxes for myself (:


Click here for FLASH OVER spree! Collapse )


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